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Why don’t the manufacturers do it?
Manufacturers generally sell one vehicle that covers various markets, with different tax and emissions
regulations along with different climates with extremes of heat, cold, humidity, different fuel qualities;
different operating altitudes, etc.
A manufacturer has to take all of these factors into consideration and make substantial
compromises in the vehicles operation. Of course the marketing guys have a say in it too,
often the sole difference in a vehicle in a model range is a change in the installed map.
Virtually every vehicle on the road has a tuning set-up that is a compromise. We can
safely optimise the engine tuning and outputs, without any of these restrictions.
Some manufacturers do offer remapping under a separate performance brand,
for instance Mercedes do remapping under their Brabus brand.
Is it safe for my vehicle?
Our Quantum re-mapping process
enhances and optimises the power of the
engine within safe limits, not beyond
Extra power will also result in fewer gear
changes, which might actually reduce
overall wear.
Each individual engine is different as in
how much it can be pushed in a remap,
but a good remap from a quality tuner like
Quantum will never get close to the limits
of component failure.
You will see that the top companies
within the market place develop vehicle
improvements to similar outputs.
Beware of tuners who claim significantly
more; it’s either lies hoping that the
average customer won’t be able to tell
the difference, or the engine is being
pushed too hard and will quickly become
Do I tell my insurance?
We advise that it is your responsibility to
inform your insurance Company of any
modification to your vehicle.
We are finding that more and more
insurance companies are not penalising
their customers for saving fuel and
recognise economy upgrades, in
particular with a Quantum remap.
We can provide a certificate of conformity
if required.
How long does it take?
The remap is normally completed in
under 2-3hours, this normally also
includes a full diagnostic test. Bench
programming can take a little longer.
Do you offer a trial period?
We are very confident that your Quantum
Remap will both improve your driving
experience and save you on fuel.
But, don’t take our word for it; try the
upgrade for 30 days and if you are not
delighted with the results, simply return
to your dealer and they will set your car
back to original, along with a full refund.
Does it affect my warranty?
equipment may detect a remap.
Many forward thinking manufacturers turn
a blind eye to a quality remapping
service, knowing that a properly
enhanced vehicle can only ever benefit
The official line from most manufacturers
is that if a modification causes a problem
with the vehicle, then the part of the
vehicle affected will not be covered under
warranty; this does not mean a unilateral
cancelling of the whole warranty.
What warranty do you offer?
Every Quantum remap is guaranteed to
ensure your complete peace of mind and
continued service.
We offer a lifetime warranty against
software faults. If the installation becomes
faulty, we will re-install it free of charge.
A professionally remapped engine will not
cause technical faults, with a well
serviced and maintained engine.
Quantum dealers also offer a Quantum
1 year, 30,000 mile optional mechanical
breakdown warranty for complete peace
of mind.
Please ask your approved Quantum
dealer for details.
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