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About Quantum Tuning
Quantum Tuning is a quality
driven, successful company.
We have more dealers and
installation centres than any
competitor and tune 25,000
vehicles a year.
We have built our great team
around a wealth of knowledge,
skills and experience, which is
the key to our success.
We're big enough to have an
infrastructure to properly
support our dealer group, but
small enough to remove politics or unnecessary bureaucracy that
would simply get in the way of what is the focus of our business, providing
quality tuning files, backed up by a quality service.
We are passionate about our business, we love what we do and always
look to continuously improve.
Experienced Team
Our 15 strong head office team and 300+ dealer group include some of
the most experienced talent in the industry. That means that you can be
assured that our product has been extensively researched and will
perform to the very highest standards. We also have an office in India.
Competitor Policy
A key policy we have is to never discredit a competitor. What they chose
to do or say within their business is none of our business, so we let them
get on with it. We insist that our dealer group observe this policy too.
The Quantum Difference
We have the biggest dealer group and do more vehicles than any other
remapping company simply because we care about what we do.
We run our business under a strict moral code; we look after our
employees and we help, train and encourage our dealers to give
superlative service.
Other Tuner’s Figures Are Better?
You will often find that other tuners quote higher output figures than us.
The reality is that more often than not, they are simply made up, to blinker customers
into thinking that their mapping is better.
Quality tuner’s will generally have similar outputs to each other so beware of
excessive gains, as they may be pushing the vehicle beyond safe limits,
Or you may have running issues, or excessive smoke, etc.
Above all, it’s about the quality of the drive, not just the raw figures.
With a Quantum Remap you have a 30-day full money back
guarantee, if you are not delighted with the performance of
your vehicle..
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