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The Technical Stuff - What We Do

Here at Quantum tuning we supply our dealers with tuning files to be installed on your

vehicle, but what does that mean? How does it work? What changes do we make?

Firstly remapping is not a mysterious dark art; it is fundamentally taking the parameters

that the original manufacturer set into the vehicle and enhancing them to extract the best

from the vehicle.

An ECU file contains 100’s of tables where our software technicians can make changes

to adjust fuelling, boost (on turbocharged vehicles), injection, torque control, air fuel

ratios, speed limit, rev limits, DPF control, EGR function, etc, etc.

The process of file writing is very complex, so that is where our skills, experience and

knowledge comes in.

The Technical Stuff - What Our Dealers Do

Our fully trained and certified Quantum dealers are responsible for

reading the original file off the vehicle and then writing the new file

back on, once we have applied our modifications.

Our dealers will advise you on the best version of the Quantum

remap for your vehicle, as well as carry out any diagnostic checks

and pre/post test drive as needed.

There are a number of ways that the tuning file can be taken from

the vehicle and this is dependent on type, age, ECU fitted etc.

OBD or Diagnostic Socket Programming

All vehicles since 2001 have a diagnostic socket and this allows the

dealer to safely read the tuning file with their sophisticated tuning

equipment. This file is then uploaded onto our servers for

modification and re-programmed in the same way.

Bench Programming

Many newer vehicles from 2008 onwards have protected ECU’s so

these have to be programmed direct into the ECU. This involves

removing the ECU from the vehicle, opening it up on the bench and

making direct connections inside.

Chip Tuning

Older vehicles sometimes need to have a chip change, which again

involves removing the ECU but this time the tuning chip is removed

and either reprogrammed or replaced with a new one that has been

programmed with your new tuning file.

Typical Dealer Profile

Quantum dealers are a nationwide group of experienced motor trade

professionals, with a strong business and great local reputation.

The majority of Quantum dealers are garage based and most can

also offer you a full range of dealer services, as well as tuning.

Many dealers also offer a mobile service if this is more convenient

for you; these mobile dealers are indicated on our dealer map